Keep your hair snag free with 2 of our fav silky scrunchies. 

This set includes 2 scrunchies along with a bottle of THIC daily hair perfecting oil. 

Colours are vanilla cream and rose gold.

Can I use THIC anywhere aside from my hair?
Feel free to moisturize your hands after you rub it on your hair. 

What is the fragrance used in THIC products?
The fragrance is a unique blend of geranium, Italian Bergamot and citrus. 

Will THIC products work on thin hair?
Yes! If you use only a drop or two of our perfecting oil, your hair should not feel weighed down. 

Will THIC products work on curly hair?
Curly hair needs moisture too - THIC is amazing for curls. 

Will THIC products work on thick hair?
Yes we love thick hair!

Can I use THIC on my extensions?
THIC works well on extensions. 

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