Why Is Using Vegan Hair Care So Important?

Many people associate the word “vegan” with eating fruit and vegetables, meditating every morning, and walking barefoot on grass. Let’s step outside the box and consider this word in terms of more than just simple food.

While vegan hair care relies on similar guidelines to a vegan diet, evidence is now showing that vegan hair products aren’t just healthier - but they work better too. Here are a few reasons you should opt for vegan products. 

They Are Safer For Animals

Most vegan hair products are conscious of their ingredients but also of the environment around them. Vegan hair products are never tested on animals, making them 100% cruelty-free. That means that under no circumstance are any of the ingredients or products tested on animals. 

Vegan and cruelty-free go hand in hand and are a more conscious way to consume and use personal care products. While more and more brands are embracing cruelty-free products, very few are 100% vegan. So if you love your furry friends, opt for vegan every time! 

They Have Better Ingredients

Have you ever tried to read aloud the components your regular mass-market shampoo has? We bet it’s a real jawbreaker! All because most of its ingredients are harmful preservatives and fillers. Avoiding toxic ingredients that have been linked to irritation, toxins and even some cancers is crucial to seeing improvements in the look and texture of your hair. 

Our bodies absorb most of the products we put on them which is why choosing safe vegan ingredients is the key to keeping your hair and body healthy and happy. Vegan products like THIC products contain plant-based components, natural vitamins, and minerals that moisturize your hair while providing results that artificial hair care can’t! 

It’s Easier To Get Results 

Some non-vegan products are going to promise you the world but after a few weeks of use you’ll usually notice no difference in the way your hair looks or feels. That’s because without powerful vegan ingredients like extra-virgin argan oil, grape seed oil, and hemp oil, your results will be clouded by nasty parabens and synthetics.

If you’re looking to see and feel a real change in your hair, vegan hair products are your best bet! Instead of “filler” ingredients, it’s packed with nutrients that actually repair hair from root to tip. That means more good hair days and less toxins going into our hair, our water, and our environment. 

Cruelty-free vs Vegan: what’s the difference? 

Vegan hair products are never tested on animals and hence are 100% cruelty-free. BUT cruelty-free hair products don’t always have to be vegan! The companies can still use the ingredients derived from animals, e.g. honey or tallow. 

When you buy vegan products, it assures you that there are no animal products at all. 

What benefits can you reap from using vegan hair products?

Vegan hair products don’t contain any nasty ingredients, are less harsh, and have significantly fewer ingredients on the back of the label. Have you ever tried to read aloud the components your regular mass-market shampoo has? We bet it’s a real jawbreaker! All because most of its ingredients are harmful preservatives and fillers. 

Vegan products like THIC contain plain-based components, natural vitamins and minerals that moisturize your hair while making it healthier in a way artificial hair care can’t! They are filled with nourishing ingredients and offer real results for real babes.

Moreover, you will care for your hair with a pure soul — vegan hair products provide amazing results without the damage to our planet. Choosing vegan products can reduce the need for resources from animals.

Plus, fewer chemical products will be put out into the environment. Or did you think that all nasty ingredients simply disappear when you wash your hair? Unfortunately, they are going right down to the drain with your each hair wash procedure. 

Paraben and sulfates

You can badly damage your hair and follicles with harsh chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Parabens are usually used in mass-market hair products you can see on the shelf on the supermarket. Recent researches marked them as endocrine disruptors that can lead to early puberty in girls and even breast cancer! Sulfates also cause a lot of problems for your hair such as drying, irritating the scalp, fading the color, and even hair loss.

If you use THIC products, there is no room for worries. All our products are sulfate, silicone, mineral oil, petroleum, and paraben free. 

How to choose the right vegan product? 

When it comes to buying a real vegan product, you have to always check the label. They should have a certified vegan green-leaf label and a cruelty-free badge. Some hair products may be BIO or ORGANIC but still contain things like beeswax and honey. And you already know that such ingredients mean that the product is not 100% vegan. 

Ok, now you know almost everything about vegan hair products and their benefits to you AND the environment. Real babes are aware of the things they buy, know their goals, and achieve them in the right way without harm to things around them. 

Thirst to have shinier, healthier and better-managed hair? You know what to do!