THIC Talk with Nitsan Raiter

Nitsan Raiter is a Content Creator and the Founder of Mind Your Business by Nitsan Raiter™. 

Nits is an OG THIC Babe and has been part of the THIC family since the beginning, the team was even part of the glam squad on her wedding day. 

We had our fav babe answer a few questions so you can get to know and love Nitsan like we do! 

Q: What is a product you always have with you?
A: Hand sanitizer!

Q: What is an outfit that never fails you?
A: My go to is an oversized blazer, crop top and leather trousers! 

Q: What was has been your worst ever hair experience?
A: I would have to say getting my hair dyed red and then green to cancel it out.

Q: How You Use Your THIC?
A: I use the THIC hair oil on damp hair pre-styling to help smooth and enhance my blowout, or to add life to my 3rd day hair! 

Q: What do you do to feel most confident? 
A: To feel my most confident self I repeat positive affirmations, practice gratitude, and create a healthy routine. I'm most confident when I feel comfortable!

Q: What advice would you give younger Nitsan?
A: I would tell myself to care less what people think, do what makes me happy, and be more confident in myself 

Q: Can you share something you are currently working on that we can look out for?
A: I can’t share just yet but a little hint that it has something to do with MYB!

Q: What is something you are manifesting?
A: A puppy (you hear that Josh hehe) 

Q: Lastly, what do you want THIC to launch next?
A: Shampoo + conditioner

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