Reverse summer hair damage with these easy tips

From visible damage to rough texture and dullness, summer wreaks endless havoc on our hair. In fact, the end of summer is when salon phones are ringing off the hook and most clients come in begging for a cut to relieve all the damage it’s caused.

 Watch The Weather

 The temperature drops of September are    usually a welcome change from the August humidity - but did you know that the swing of seasons can cause real damage to your hair? As humidity drops and cold wind moves in, your hair is parched from summer resulting in unwanted frizz, dead ends, and extreme dryness.


As soon as you notice the daily lows hitting below 10 degrees, you should start to consider utilizing the power of a hair oil both - morning and night. When you apply oil to your hair twice daily, it allows it to absorb an extra dose of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive. Morning application will help with heat protection and styling before your big day, while nightly application protects your hair cuticles from dryness, damage, and abrasion while you sleep.

Double Treat

Have you ever wondered why your hair feels so great after leaving the salon? It’s because they often double-treat your locks with both a conditioner and a deep treatment. After a summer of salt water, chlorine, sunshine, and sand, your hair is begging to be double-treated to help replenish moisture and deliver much-needed nutrients. 

The best part about this salon hack is you don’t have to pay for the professionals to do it. Simply shampoo your hair like normal and follow with your conditioner. Once you’ve rinsed it all, apply a deep conditioning treatment to your ends. Not only will this help seal in all the goodness of your conditioner, but it will add extra strength to hair to avoid breakage and nourish every strand of hair.

Stay Consistent

Like skin damage, damage to your hair can take time to heal. That means it's going to require you to stick to a great routine at home while trying to repair hair damage. While we would never suggest skipping your regular trims, staying consistent with a good haircare routine can help you avoid big end-of-summer chops, and keep hair healthy no matter what time of year.

No haircare routine is one size fits all, but founder of THIC Morgan Tully suggests a few key staples to a healthy hair routine. “I tell all my clients healthy hair starts at the scalp so that’s where their focus should be” says Morgan. If you’re looking to start some healthy hair habits, or repair damage from some bad ones, you can shop Morgans picks for Summer Damage Repair Below!

Morgans Damage Repair Picks