Three Things Celebs With Epic Hair Swear By

From Kim Kardashian to Hailey Bieber, it’s rare to find a Hollywood celebrity with a hair out of place. Never caught with split ends, flyaways or damaged hair, these women are constantly proving that you can have healthy, and beautiful hair no matter how often you style it.

But what exactly are they doing (short of spending a fortune on hairstylists) to maintain their perfect strands? We did a deep dive to pull together the best hair advice from some of your favorite celebs to help you get the same results from home!

Deep Treat

Often times when you’re styling your hair, it's causing damage from heat and friction. This can lead to split ends, dryness, and uneven hair texture. What celebrities do that you probably don’t is to style and protect their hair at the same time.

Not every hairstyle can support this genius hack (sorry beachy wave) but some of the most popular ones can! Think Sophia Ritchie’s slicked-back bun - she achieves this by using a thic textured hair mask to slick her strands back without flyaways.

The reason a celeb would reach for such a heavy product is that it will penetrate the hair while it is styled. The heavier hydration from the mask keeps hair in place, while amino acids, deep conditioners, and repairing bonders are being added to every strand. This allows you to style hair and repair any styling damage all at the same time!

They’re Not Afraid To Get Greasy

Hair oil wasn’t on the radar until a few years ago when magazines started sharing this well-kept celebrity tip that had been used in red carpet prep for decades. Now, with only a little oil at home, you can treat your hair to a boost of protection, hydration, and more.

What makes hair oil so special is it enhances the lubrication of each individual hair shaft. Once it coats the hair, it can help stop breakage, prevent hair damage, and add shine and radiance to even the most dry hair types. Best of all, it can be used pre-wash for an added treatment for hair and scalp or after your shower to help style and protect.

They Don’t Overwash

Washing your hair can be easy to put off because it is time-consuming - but did you know that skipping a wash is a celebrity secret to beautiful hair? Now we’re not telling you to run wild and let your hair get gross, but using the right products to wash only when your hair needs it will be the key to keeping it happy and healthy. 

When hair is overwashed, it can alter the natural oil production of your scalp and mess with the pH levels responsible for fast and healthy hair growth. If you’re over washing, or even washing with harsh surfactants, it can do much more damage than good.

If you want shiny, healthy hair like your favorite celebs, stick to shampoos and conditioners that help keep clean hair longer. This will allow you to stretch out your styling and get more from just a single wash. Best of all, your products will last longer when you use less of a better quality option, leaving more money in your bank and more bounce in your hair!

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