THIC TALK with Desiree Girlato

Desiree Giralto is the owner and founder of ARMED, tarnish free jewelry for everyday wear. 

Desiree & THIC have collaborated to create the THIC necklace, Mother's Day Set and you can shop a curated collection of ARMED at THIC studio. 

Checkout our full Q&A with Desiree below...

Q: What is a product you always have with you?
A: I’m always wearing my snake chain
Q: What is an outfit that never fails you?
A: A mini cardi & my fav denim

Q: What was has been your worst ever hair experience?
A: Going from red to blonde... from a box... in less than 24hrs... when I was 15

Q: How You Use Your THIC?
A: I love THIC hair oil to smooth out my ends, and it smells amazing 

Q: What do you do to feel most confident? 
A: Positive self talk and staying committed to my daily routine 

Q: What advice would you give younger Desiree?
A: Set boundaries! (still reminding myself)

Q: Can you share something you are currently working?
A: Setting more boundaries!

Q: What is something you are manifesting?
A: A new studio to really capture the essence of ARMED & The Rove

Q: Lastly, what do you want THIC to launch next?
A: Leave in hair wraps to curl my hair overnight or a silk pillow case

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