What happens to your hair after using THIC for 6 months?

We all struggle with everyday damage to our hair. Blow drying, heat styling, and dyeing our hair are some of the many reasons why we find our hair to be brittle, dry, or unmanageable. However, did you know that this issue is easy to repair? Including an oil into your daily hair routine has been proven to have many benefits including hydration and nourishment for all hair types. 

THIC is a Canadian brand that offers a vegan and cruelty-free hair oil that can aid all your hair needs. If you want to know how THIC can help transform your hair in only 6 months, here’s how… 

Hair Growth 

Achieving the perfect hair length is every woman’s goal, it’s what we dream of. We are constantly trying new things to encourage growth however, sometimes it seems like nothing is working. Many of us style our hair using heat quite often which means we see breakage and damage, the exact opposite of what we want. Our daily hair perfecting oil is made with both argan oil and grapeseed oil which provides natural protection from heat and helps strengthen hair.

By using THIC oil and gently brushing your hair everyday, in 6 months time you will notice less breakage and stronger hair. By applying THIC to the ends of your hair, you can say goodbye to breakage and achieve that longer hair you’ve always desired. 

Weightless Hair 

Trying to get your gorgeous curls or sleek bun to stay perfect all day is definitely a challenge. We have the constant struggle of trying to find the perfect hair product to do the job for us which is why many of us rely on multiple products to achieve our desired look. Although this gets us to our intended look, all that product is weighing down our hair causing less volume, a flat appearance and even greasy hair. Our hair oil is created to fit any hair type to perfect our natural look.  

Thanks to grapeseed oil, Daily Hair perfecting oil is light enough to use daily and works with all types of hair. After 6 months of using THIC, you will notice your hair feelings as light as a feather and you can say goodbye to your old greasy products. Thin hair no longer has to be afraid of oil products and thick hair can embrace its volume!

Healthy Shiny Hair 

When the light hits, we all want our hair to be radiating with shine, that silky smooth look. By using the wrong products or not giving our hair enough nutrients we can end up with dull looking hair. THIC oil is formulated with hemp oil exactly for this reason as it is rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 which are necessary for healthy and strong hair. 

After 6 months of using the daily hair perfecting oil, you’ll notice a great deal of shine as it coats the hair strands allowing light to bounce off your hair providing more luster. You will also notice thicker, stronger and healthier looking hair as it is also providing your hair with protein. 

Now all you have to do is make THIC apart of your routine and apply a few drops a day. Your hair will thank you!

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